Located behind SOTA, GR.iD is a mall that replaced what was previously known as POMO. A few restaurants can be found at the ground floor of the mall and they were all quite lively.

At Isshin Machi, one can find a great variety of Taiwanese dishes, ranging from egg fried rice to their noodles with protein options like chicken cutlets or wantons. I decided to go for one of their vegetarian options, the dry mushroom noodle, and upgraded my noodles for their thicker guan miao noodles. The guan Miao noodles were cooked Al dente, with each strand retaining the perfect bite, and reminded me of dao xiao mian served at Chinese restaurants. The noodles were also coated with a flavorful sauce that most likely had sesame oil added to it. The shimeiji mushrooms were fried well and biting into the mushroom pieces, one could enjoy both the juiciness of fresh mushrooms that went well with the slightly crisped outer surface. Crispy shallots and spring onions were garnishes that helped elevate the flavor profile of this dish. With a braised egg given at the side, this noodle dish is sure to fill your stomach despite being a vegetarian option.

Do try it out if you’re nearby!

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