To me, the best roast duck and char siew rice at ABC market. Get it, quick.

Fatty Weng?
Cindy Q nope! At the same area but different row of shops. Nearer to the multi storey car park side. Sorry can't remember the name off hand.
Oh good to know coz fatty always seems closed when I go later. Been craving duck.. Tx for heads up.
Get their duck and char siew! It's awesome. Hopefully it's opened at night.
Ok no helper at the moment so may be gd option for dinner. Hope it's open! Do you rem any neighbour stall.. What they were selling? Is it the row with the jin jin dessert and yi sheng?
Alvin Wang Jayne Tan do you recall the store name?? If you do, pls help Cindy Q out! :)
Cindy Q it's called Sin Heng Kee chicken rice, they sell out at around 8 - 8:30pm. :) it's opposite two drinks stall, near the entrance, middle lane. :)
Thanks guys!