If you love our local min jiang kueh (peanut pancake), Indonesia’s martabak manis/ terang bulan is something that you gotta try. Since we can’t go to Indonesia to eat this, you can go to @jtowncafe to have a taste of the Indonesian favourite.

Freshly prepared upon order, treat yourself to a piping hot pancake that comes with butter and sugar by default. It’s so thicc and dense but somehow very soft, unlike min jiang kueh. Best eaten on the spot, it does survive well in takeaways too.

I got the Campur ($4.50 - Half/ $7.50 - Full) that comes with butter sugar, chocolate, peanut and cheese. Believe it or not, martabak with cheese is very popular in Indonesia. Grated cheddar, chocolate rice and crushed peanuts are mixed together in between the pancake dough.

The end result is amazing. Just think of the sweet chocolate rice that brings back childhood memories, the nuttiness of the peanuts and the saltiness from the butter and cheddar. A true flavour burst with some textural contrast from the crunchy peanuts.

I’d have this more often if the price point was a little lower. But I’ll have it again as it’s convenient and just so good.

I know there are a few other places in Singapore selling martabak manis so I’ll be on the hunt to try them too.