Rice, chicken, teriyaki sauce, onsen egg and lok-lok broccoli 》$6.50

Hideki is a Japanese Fusion Poké Bowl Concept where you can freely select your favourite choices to satisfy your taste buds. It allows us to build our own bowl where we start off by picking our base, protein and sides then finished with a complimentary sauce of our choice.

The chicken was marinated for up to 48 hours with a secret shoyu marinade before they are cooked sous vide-style to retain their juiciness and end off with a charred abrui finish. It was firm to the bite, served with a nicely torched exterior with smoky notes to the meat. One of my favourite sides will be the lok-lok broccoli that was fragrant, slightly charred and crispy.


Base ($1)
Rice / Soba Noodles / Garden Salad

Chicken ($3) / Pork ($4) / Salmon ($6) / Unagi ($9) / Beef ($12)

Sweet Teriyaki / Truffle Shoyu / Spicy Nacho Cheese / Truffle Mayo

$1 / Portion
Edamame / Onsen Egg / Crinkle Fries / Sautéed Corn / Sautéed Mushrooms

$1.50 / Portion
Potato Salad / Coleslaw / Fluffy Tamago / Lok-Lok Broccoli / Steamed Broccoli

$2 / Portion
Baby Octopus / Takoyaki (3pcs) / Onion Rings (4pcs) / Crispy Chicken Skin / Salmon Belly Bites

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