Great World city / basement 1
( sorry - really having much difficulty adding this new location to Burpple )

Was initially celebrating my find of pita and olives at Great World city after I had such a good experience with their outlet at Suntec City , pasar Bella but in dismay , I left the place .

Waited 30 mins because the chef forgot my order and when I was so Hungry and expecting a good lunch - the pita was probably one of the worst I have had . The pita was stiff and all dense - nothing fresh about it. If I can say , totally opposite of what I had the last time . I gave up eating it halfway .

The falafels are ok - baked so less greasy but was grainy and a little dry - wondering if they were fresh too .

A case of an overworked staff doing taking orders cashiering and cooking .

Hope standards improve soon back to their former glories .