From Wolf Burger's newest outpost at Changi City Point β€” this is one of the newer items introduced to the menu of both outlets. Deceptively filled with greens, the tender, juicy slab of chicken carries a hint of lemongrass flavour from its marination that's pretty consistent in all areas. Thought the sriracha mayo that was supposed to carry a spicy kick was too tame overall and failed to pull through especially with the greens and the flavoursome piece of meat around. The components such as the tomatoes were decent, but probably some pickled slaw (you know those Vietnamese ones in a Banh Mi) might have worked more coherently. The burger was still pretty decently sized though, and I particularly loved how it felt like a good proportion of stuff because no one likes an excessively bread-y burger.

Have had their Sweet Potato Fries at Pasarbella Suntec quite a few times but the ones here were really disappointing. Soft, limp and with some pieces that seemed soaked in oil, it could probably do with a little salt for some flavour contrast too. Let's hope that they can get things ironed out and achieve the standards of the Pasarbella Suntec outlet (or even better) as they settle into this new space proper.