Havent been back here for a year! The whole place was packed full of people! It was like back to pre covid time! Very impressed with the decent pizza oven in a pub!

We ordered way too much food and the food portion was huge!

Nacho: so ok. The salsa and avocado on top were not spread evenly, a lot of plain empty trtilla trip.

Popcorn chicken: I didnt eat…. It was just me. I just dont like popcorn chicken

Pepperoni pizza: very amazing pizza , Little Miss W was very happy

Dukkah Cauliflower: nice one with indian spice. Just the size was double i would have imagined

Wagyu burger and cripsy pork belly were not my main. Had a bite of the pork belly. It looked and tasted like chinese siu yuk without the salt. Skin was very cripsy

Grilled octopus tentacles : very good for value for this big portion. It was very well cooked and the green sauce was nice to dip. Just wish it could be more char to give a extra grill flavour.

The whole place was packed. Food waiting time was told over an hour but all the food was about in about 45 mins to one hour. We had some nacho to nipple on so didnt feel that we waited long time.