Instead of our usual order of #malaxiangguo which @wang_zai_kitchen does very well, we decided to get the one-dish meals from their selection of “zi char” items on a recent visit. As the owners are from China, they have their own spin on things which I feel, gives each dish extra shiok-ness.
I loved my item no. 26A: “Sliced Pork Belly with Sauerkraut”. Intense in “wok hei” and very appetising, it has thinly sliced meat stirfried with “kiam chye sng”, Szechuan dried chillies and other spices with pieces of fresh pork lard. Served with a mound of rice and a fried egg (I burst it so you can see the yolk is runny), it makes for a very tasty and satisfying meal.
Item no. 27, the fragrant Stirfried Chives, Pork and Black Fungus rice set with a runny-yolked egg, is also damn good. There’s a hint of heat lurking in the background which makes you want to wolf it down faster.
Apart from the above which I highly recommend, they also do a rice set with julienned potato and minced pork that is really flavourful as the strips of tuber which have a crunchy firm bite, are stirfried with a dash of vinegar. The piquant tang is so lovely, it will have you forgetting it’s carbs-on-carbs you are demolishing 😄