Traditional Hainanese curry rice located at a corner within an old-school coffee shop. Like a normal cai png stall, we get to choose if we want to have our ingredients placed all together on a plate of curry rice or have them served on separate plates. We ordered the crispy pork chop, tau pok, braised pork belly, stewed cabbage and cereal prawns served with rice dosed with a trio of curry, braised sauce and chap chye gravy.

The crispy pork was a popular choice among diners with almost every table ordering it. It was fried till crispy and it is very addictive. The tender with melty layers of braised pork belly soaked up the braised sauce well that comes with subtle herbal notes. Stewed cabbage was well seasoned and cooked till soft. Another popular item was the crunchy and deshelled cereal prawns that consist of coarse bread crumbs, cereal and egg. All these are best enjoyed with a plate packed with flavours, rich and not overly cloying curry rice 》$17

Hi Triffany, has it reopened?
From what I know, they have yet to reopen.
Ah thanks! So this was before they closed!