[Halal, Tasting] Rayz Bistro's Golden Snitch ($18) doesn’t come cheap, but it’s understandable given the unique experience you’re getting with this. We were told beforehand that the pastry chef who made this is a graduate from one particular Australian culinary institution, which meant that there was a standard to be expected with this.

All you have to do is take the steaming caramel sauce in the cream jug and douse the chocolate dome (which is topped with an edible gold leaf btw). In a moment, you’ll watch it gloriously melt down and envelop the apple pie that has been taking cover inside it.

Completing the mess that inevitably ensue are a quenelle of vanilla ice-cream resting on a bed of warm crumble (butter, I believe?), interspersed with some fresh raspberries and blueberries. Everything was remarkable, until I had the ice-cream…which was smooth on the outside, but still icy on the inside. I was slightly disappointed, I’m not going to lie. 😣 Had that been nailed, this would’ve easily bagged half a notch more in rating! Yet, I’d say I still enjoyed this very much!

For those looking to spice up their Instagram game, this is one plated dessert you can rely on to do just that. Just be sure to choose a place with a good lighting - a natural outdoor one is most ideal. Not forgetting the fact that it’s a banger too; I feel like a fraction of my life is complete after having had this. (7.9/10)