Once in a while, I will have cravings to savour the famed indoor foodcourt PGP mala with my friends, and would usually order medium spicy (Zhong La), kang kong, and some meat.
For mala in NUS, PGP mala is perhaps the most affordable, and I usually eat my fill spending about $8 per pax. Unfortunately, the prices of items are not indicated, making buying mala a financially risky decision.

Value for money aside, the mala is mainly cooked with chilli oil and not a lot of herbs. Ordering high spicy (Da La) or very high spicy (Te La) also incurrs an additional cost of $0.50-$1. Unfortunately, topping up the money simply adds the number of chilli flakes to the bowl, and the spice level did not provide much of a challenge for me.

Grade: B