don’t usually write reviews but this was so bad i have to leave a review to warn everyone. manager CLARENCE was extremely rude & unwelcoming, and it wasn’t just his unfriendly, unbothered tone. maybe he was unhappy that we were using burpple beyond deals, because he sent out their young part time staff a few times to pester us to quickly order, less than 5 min after we sat down.

this place is in hort park, which has many dogs, and has a sign that states their al fresco area is pet friendly. well let me say - they are NOT. the manager clarence refused to give us a bowl for water, not even a disposable takeaway container. he tried to get us to order soups to get the extra bowls, which is such cheap behaviour for a nice place like this. he also snapped his fingers rudely at my dog a few times as he walked past, not sure what his deal was.

while it is understandable that their younger staff might just be either part timers or interns, i think dropping cutlery on our (glass top) table more than a few times is hard to be okay with, especially when in a place that charges $30 per dish with a high end restaurant setting. they also dropped dirty cutlery near our phones at least once, and a knife nearly fell on my dog’s eye.

the food was okay, but we would rather forego our remaining burpple vouchers than have to come back and pay so much for this terrible dining experience. the worst part is that we were really looking forward to trying this place, seeing the good reviews.

edit: seeing google reviews, i noticed that there are really bad reviews of this place too, with multiple specifically for clarence (he’s a filipino guy). think twice before going.

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