Finally got to try Jollibee (whooop!) and we made full use of the long waiting time by zooming in straight onto the Bundle Meal ($30) and the Fiesta Noodles + Spicy Chickenjoy ($7.20/ala-carte) just because I was really curious about the noodles.
The chicken was juicy and tender and there was actually a nice, gentle spice kick in the Spicy version!
The highly-raved spaghetti was just what I imagined it to be, noodles sitting below sweet tomato sauce and (actually really salty) melted cheese on top. I'm sure some Italian chefs will be aghast by this, but I get why this is a favourite- nothing fancy, but strangely addictive.
However, my favourite item of the night was definitely the Fiesta Noodles. Because it is quite strong in its shrimp flavours, I think it's a dish that one either loves or won't be fond of, and I certainly belong in the first camp. It reminded me of a thicker, more robust version of the Mee Soto (even the cellophane noodles used are the same).
Their other sides were nicely done too; the fries took us by surprise because they looked stale and dry but were actually crispy. And of course, I appreciated the fact that they served white rice because that's how fried chicken is served Indo fast food chains too!
The two of us couldn't finish this meal meant for 5 I reckon, but that night, we happily brought back a half filled bucket and 2 pot (bellies) home.