4⭐ Team lunch treats by the manager. We ordered a dungeness crab combo with mild cajun sauce, fried rice, a set lunch. It's my first time eating Dancing Crab. 😂 The crab is very fresh as the meat is easily unpeel from the shell. My colleagues love the fried rice, it's good to eat on it's own too. The set lunch comes with a crispy chicken roll, sweet potato fries and a choice of drink. I like the sweet potato fries and it's sprinkled with almond and cheese which makes it addictive. Utilised the burpple deal for 15% discount but this is only applicable to food, excluding the set lunch.
#DancingCrab #DungenessCrabCombo #ExplodingCrabFriedRice #CrispyChickenRollWithBeurreBlancSauce #Yuzunade