Had this a while back but remembered it to be a pretty decent meal! Here is what we tried:

Octopus Chorizo ($18); The best item of the night! Born out of a happy accident, the Octopus Chorizo was a product of a double-dare between their Chefs to reinvent the classic Bangers & Mash with octopus. The masterpiece — tantalising golden gravy cascading down a pillowy mash mountain, laden with octopus & chorizo.

Fish Taco ($14); Beer-battered dory with Tortilla, Chipotle Coleslaw, Mayo and Salsa.

Porter House Steak ($49); Seasoned with a simple herb rub to accentuate the meaty flavours, then carefully cut into ideal sharing slices. It took over 35 rounds of experimentation to perfect this tricky cut, from its seared brown crust while retaining a tender and juicy bite.

Mentai Pasta ($21); Smoked salmon with mentai cream sauce, masago, nori and linguine. This could be more flavourful though.

We also had interesting beers in the form of Lychee Sapporo Draft ($11) and Yuan Yang Sapporo Draft ($11).