From Mr Kneady's at Bedok Marketplace which serves up sourdough and other breads (like the Rugbrød here) in loaves, while also serving up a limited menu of sandwiches and Smørrebrød as well.

The Smørrebrød is an open-faced sandwich that uses the Rugbrød as a base; the Smørrebrød itself that is 80% Rye and 20% White and comes speckled with loads of seeds and nuts. I really liked how the bread is crisp on the exterior while moist within for this one, carrying a hint of smokiness while the nuts and seed adds crunch to the sandwich. The salami adds a hint of savoury flavour typical of cured meat, while the pickles cut through the saltiness with its tartness with a zesty, juicy crunch. The cracked Pepper helps add that fresh, peppery aroma to the entire sandwich. At $3.50, I would say it works as a light breakfast/lunch, or even as a fun side to have at the table whilst trying out the other stalls around The Bedok Marketplace.