Since I don’t have plans to travel to Kuala Lumpur anytime in the near future, I yelped with joy when I spotted “KL Hong Cha Pork Noodles” at Malaysia Food Street in @rwsentosa. It’s all @blueskiescottonclouds’ fault 😂 If she had not shared on her Stories about enjoying the real thing in KL, Malaysia which is where she is currently at, I wouldn’t have been harbouring such a insatiable craving for Pork Noodles.
Anyways, the one I stumbled upon turned out to be very tasty. Not sure if it can match the original across the border but I was a happy camper. The soup was robust and properly seasoned, and alongside the soft “kway teow” were slices of pig’s liver and lean pork, lumps of minced pork as well as crunchy pork lard. The food arrived piping hot and tasted fresh. It wasn’t exactly cheap at $9 but it did leave me sweaty (from slurping the soup) and satisfied.

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