Best thunder tea 🍵

Unknown to many, there is a food court at the basement of raffles medical at Bugis called heritage food street . A pretty catchy name but nothing too “ heritage “ about the stalls within except for newly opened thunder tree .

I usually have my thunder tea the traditional way and that’s with rice but I was craving for noodles and specifically kolo Mee today . So i am extremely Glad to learn about the existence of this stall from a new friend .

I have heard about thunder tree at the food court at people’s park centre and I was just there the other day but I really didn’t like the vibes of the food court so this new found place at Bugis is perfect.

Everything about the thunder tea kolo Mee is done so right . Generous amounts of mostly organic vegetables ( since the operators own firefly farm ) and a QQ kolo Mee that was well cooked and well seasoned .

The soup was the highlight. More than 10 to 12 ingredients are painfully grounded into paste to make this soup.

The boss is so lovely to speak to - she has such a big heart to share about the goodness of thunder tea and how painstakingly they choose to do things the hard way so that the most nutritious and authentic thunder tea rice can be offered to her customers.

I love the combination of the crisp chopped up greens with the crunchy peanuts and the moist beancurd cubes and beans. After taking a taste of the individual components , I tossed the condiments into the kolo Mee - and i must say that I really enjoyed this new rendition of thunder tea noodles as compared to thunder tea rice .

You take a sip of the soup , then a mouthful of the noodles then a sip of the soup then a mouthful of the noodles ....

Don’t forget to ask for a bit of their homemade fire-y chilli - it just goes so well with the noodles .