This restaurant has reliably delicious Japanese food, friendly service and a resplendent setting — all ideal to romance your date. A seat at one of their fine wooden tables with a view of the Twin Towers will set the mood for the night. The menu will take you through an enticing list, but it is the simple Soba (RM33) on the last page that wins our praise. Handmade from buckwheat flour, the healthy noodles are low in calories, springy in texture and deliciously nutty in flavour. Pair this humble dish with a grand protein. The Australian Wagyu Beef (RM368 for 250 grams) is the result of a great ingredient put to good use and the meat tastes heavenly, especially when doused in the rich Kampachi truffle teppanyaki sauce. For something similar that won't break the bank, get the Beef Sirloin (RM148 for 250 grams). There is no shortage of delicate sashimi, prepared from seafood exclusively air-flown from Tsukiji Market.
Avg price per person: RM120
Photo by Burppler Sharmaine Liew