The roast meat over here is highly raved and we ordered all meat available so that we don’t miss out on any. Our combo platter includes roast pork, char siew and roast duck drumstick.

The roast pork is thickly sliced with layers of tender, juicy meat and fats with crispy crackling skin. The char siew was chunky and juicy with a nice caramelised glaze and a charred exterior. I read reviews that their cuts are usually fatty hence I requested mine to be less fat and leaner cut. It was extremely soft and tender, not dry and tough at all. The roast duck drumstick was well seasoned, not gamey, tender and juicy with a crispy golden brown skin.

I would suggest pairing those meats with noodles over rice. The noodles are cooked al-dente, well flavoured with hints of pepper, pork lard oil and crispy pork lard. It’s just too difficult to decide which is the best but I’ll say the porky wins the ducky.

3 Meat Combo Platter 》$20 (Incl Noodles & Rice)

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