We had the Chickenolgy ($16.50), Tomato Chicken Stew ($17.50) and Chilli Cauli Balls ($9.50).

Chickenology - this was the first dish which arrived and the poached egg was super jiggly! Very interesting presentation of the mushroom soup which serves as a sauce. The whole dish works well.

Tomato Chicken Stew - dish came in a skillet (good for photos! XD) but sadly, it doesn't taste as good as it looks. The sauce is too watery and sour (I was expecting a more umami, bolognese-y taste) and doesn't blend well with the rest of the ingredients. Nonetheless, the chicken, zucchini and potatoes were well cooked, all very tender and easy to eat. I'm quite impresses by the toast though, crunchy yet fluffy!

Chilli Cauli Balls (pictured) - this is so good! The cauliflower florets were breaded and then fried before being smothered by a chili crab, eggy sauce. Very flavorful and "meatish" haha recommended to share though as it gets gelak after a while.

Overall we paid $27 for this meal ($17.50 for 1 for 1 mains and $9.50 for the cauli balls side). Decent eats at this price point and nice ambience.