Tried my best to list down the items as they seem to differ from the menu. It was also the first time at a high tea sess that the servers did not explain what each item was. When asked, she was unsure and needed to check with the chef, twice.

Overall, we prefer the sweets much more than the savoury. See below a peek into what was served.

✅✅✅Lobster Bisque: rich and creamy, does not have an overwhelmingly fishy taste, absolutely delicious!
- Selection of Scones with clotted cream and jam: was floury and rubbery. We did not finish any.
- Quiche

- Smoked Salmon, Apricot, Cream Cheese Roll
- Boston Lobster Sandwich, fish roe
- Salmon terrine, apricot, honey walnut cracker
- Prosciutto, smoked bacon, cream cone
Seems like they have issues with their flour based items: sandwich, terrine and cone all did not meet expectations e.g. cannot finish cause not nice.