Been eating here since I was in my 20s. This place together with a couple of others are really the institutions that brought to life prawn noodles with big prawns.

But each time I come, the price seems to have gone up some more. My usual medium portion is now $9.50 as opposed to my last visit when it was $8.80.

Today again I ordered pork ribs / pig tail bee hoon/ mee combination, dry with chilli sauce. Cannot help but compare with my bowl of $6.50 pork rib / pig tail noodle yesterday. This place probably has more ribs and tail. The chilli sauce also has slightly more flavour. Meat wise, both serves ribs and tail with tender meat that comes off the bone easily. The soup is equally good, it exudes lots of prawn flavour. But today I find that their ribs is slightly more dry and chewy than usual.

Also must order their Ngoh Hiang. Always nice to have something to nibble on before the star, prawn noodles, arrives.

Perhaps the price will reach a point when I think the value of no longer there. I hope not. But until then, I will occasionally come and support them.