Exceptional food. I mean I can't stop talking about it since the time I have had it.

The ambience is very 1980s. Just takes you to old Russia. It's beautiful how they have done it. The music, the vibe, the decor was just perfect.

Ordered the pork ribs and fish. Along with Russian tea and wiskey. Pork ribs were falling off the bone and fish was as buttery as it can possibly be. The food was just melting in the mouth.

The bad: Service was blah. The lady who took the order was like a machine, no expression or suggestions.
The guys who served us acted like bots. Just doing their job with absolutely zero heart. The presentation of all dishes was supposed to be exceptional as shown in the photos and videos. The servers just didn't care and gave us the food as part of the job. I feel bad for the chef who must have done so much to cook the dishes to perfection.

Finally the price of this place is very reasonable and matches the food and class. We paid $150 in total and will definitely come back to try more dishes.

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