One of the ten million HK bakery in Chinatown, Da Sheng is a no frills down-to-earth honest-to-goodness bakery serving the usual HK bakes! Wife delight was very nice with the unusual addition of some brown rice/flax seed to the wintermelon/almond/sesame paste that was the perfect ratio of chewy to non-chewy and tasted of homemade goodness 🤤🤤 Egg tarts were a huge letdown though, custard layers separated and the crust wasn’t buttery nor flaky enough. Thankfully, their lotus seed pastry was really good - mooncake-like lotus seed paste with a huge egg yolk encased in a baked shell of flaky goodness! Definitely do try their more unique bakes (wife biscuit, lotus seed pastry) but can give their egg tarts a miss!