truly a gem of a find at @singhkcafe tucked in the corner of a food court at jurong east. (Jurong Gateway Blk 134).
the braised pork rice ($5.80) was an epiphany. the pork belly is unbelievably tender, and the fat just melts in the mouth. the braising gravy is also full of flavour and pairs perfectly with the white rice. the corn and pickled cucumber play against each other - a crunchy mixture of sweet and sour. break the oozy yolk, mix some of it with the pork belly and braising gravy, add a little rice and corn - i really have no words to describe my happiness. if you replaced the rice with barley/orzo/quinoa/(insert hippy grain here) and doubled the price it would not be out of place in a grain bowl shop. but it is in a food court, costs $5.80 and was