Rating: 7/10⭐️
Items ordered:
Mentaiko Fries $14
the fries was served with a generous portion of mentaiko sauce, which was torched on the top (an extra point that we enjoyed!)

Bucket of Wings $20
The bucket of wings (12 pieces) were served with pickles and 2 sauces on the side — sambal mayo and honey mustard — though the sauce texture was relatively solid and we preferred the chicken without the sauce. personally, we would not order it again should we visit the cafe again as the wings were not very special, and we wondered if the wings were frozen wings — not very crispy either. the only attractive point was that for 12 pieces, $20 is a reasonable price for sharing!

Papa’s Breakfast $26
Papa’s Breakfast came with pork sausage, portobello mushrooms, seasonal greens (rocket leaves), tomato, multigrain toast with butter, and eggs — which you could choose for it to be overeasy, scrambled or sunny side up. we chose overeasy, and all the components complemented each other, especially the portobello mushrooms and toast which stood out. was it worth $26, not really — it wasn’t bad but didn’t stand out much!

Black Bean Chorizo Skillet $20
this dish was made of: baked egg, chorizo sausage, black bean, sauteed king oyster mushroom, sweet and spicy sauce, sourdough toast. in our opinion, the chorizo was a little overcooked. the sourdough toast did complement the dish well but it would be ‘gelak’ to finish the entire dish by yourself — so we recommend to share it!

Iced Flat White $7
not a coffee connoisseur, so can’t comment much on it, but the coffee was good and would come back for it again!

total damage: $86.72 inclusive of gst & service charge (used 1-for-1 sides deal)

Brunch here on a weekend at 12pm was crowded, but no queue required! The food and coffee came relatively quick, and the atmosphere was good. However, do note that should you be looking to use your burpple beyond deal, for the 1-for-1 mains, the fish & chips, and soft shell chilli crab burger are excluded. and for the 1-for-1 sides, the mussel is excluded from the deal — we were only notified at the counter, would be great if they could indicate it on burpple itself! well, it may be worth visiting again to try the mains, simply to grab a coffee, or even try out the pastries and desserts as we did not try it this time!