Had a tasting at Wan He Lou recently and was pretty impressed with most of their dishes!

One of their most popular dishes is their Signature Lobster Porridge and it was really flavourful! You can really taste the lobster broth used to cook the porridge. I find myself going for more, though I wished that the lobster could have been more fresh.

Their Shrimp Roll is an interesting one, as they were somewhat coated with cheese powder that added some sweetness to the savoury roll. Definitely makes it addictive!

Now my favourite dish of the meal: Shrimp Paste Chicken. They were perfectly fried chicken wings, all marinated in this really strong shrimp paste that has so much umami packed within. Biting into the crust does reveal tender succulent meat. Just thinking of them now makes me hungry again!

Thank you @wanhelou for the food and @eatwithkeat @smolbelly for inviting!