this place is rather pricey without the deal so really appreciated the 1-for-1!! i cannot get enough of gelatissimo’s flavours!! truly one of the most innovative and exciting around - and they do it with class and thought! the sentosa branch definitely had less flavours to choose from given that it’s a small cart serving a smaller crowd. we got raspberry, blood orange, mango, ube, coconut and rose lychee. we got the large cup which lets u get 3 flavours, and i’d recommend getting different taste groups because getting raspberry and blood orange in the same cup meant that the overall experience was q SOUR for me. but the flavours alone were really nice and refreshing! HUGE shoutout to ube and mango. the ube was creamy and grainy at the same time you could almost taste bits of taro in your mouth. and my oh my the MANGO. i heard it’s award-winning and it deserves it bc it is HELLA GOOD. such a simple flavour but executed with such gRAce. it literally tasted and FELT like ACTUAL mangoes being blended into gelato. was soft and firm and i honestly don’t know how they do it but it’s THE BEST if u are spoilt for choice mango is truly the way 😮‍💨😮‍💨

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