Amazing experience: great ambience, location, service and food! The restaurant has a michelin star for a good reason.

1. They start with breads (we got 3 options: sourdough, potato curry and squid ink) and butter (2 options: & unsalted french butter)

2. Spirit of Singapore canapes (which is essentially 3 types of appetizers). Indian pappadam, beef short rib, seafood otah)

3. 1st course: we were served cured hamachi & burrata with pickled vegetables in a granite dish & pickled crushed ice to keep it refreshing

4. 2nd course: (you get an option of fish, chicken and beef -$24) I went with fish! I was served a stingray with Indonesian rempah cooked with french tomatoes and seasoned with kaffir lime to replace the sambal :)

5. It was time for a palette cleanser sorbet!

6. 3rd course: A whiff of mont blanc - a deconstructed mont blanc with some twists like Japanese red bean. They call it a little brother of mont blanc

7. Petite four: 3 types of small pastries to go along your tea/coffee order

Each course is a chapter and comes with a little card which you can keep as a momento. They have very nice wine collection on their menu and a friendly sommelier to guide you to your taste. The wines are on the expensive side. But, overall the experience is totally worth the price. You may choose a 5 course or a 7 course menu if you are used to bigger plates.