We thought that having white rice alone would be boring and hence, we decided to order the beef fried rice as well! The fried rice was really fragrant and came with a decent amount of wok hey, which gave the dish a slightly smoky flavour. We also liked that the rice was not overly wet/clumpy, unlike some of the fried rice sold at eateries outside. The beef was diced into small pieces and coated with black pepper sauce, hence there is no need to be afraid of the gamey taste and it will be concealed by the sauce. The sauce went pretty well with the fried rice, I must say!

This is the small portion, which is around enough for 3 persons to have one bowl of rice each! For $8, we think it is fairly reasonable. Kok Sen was thankfully not very crowded when we reached at 7.30 pm on a weekday evening and we were able to get a table fairly quickly; however, we can imagine that they will be pretty crowded on weekends and given that they do not take reservations, you have to be prepared to queue!