It's been a decade of friendship with my girlfriends and we decided to do a short getaway to Genting, and that we did! We pretty much just ate non-stop during the trip with one of the more memorable eats being this Big Boy (2kg). Would have exercised caution on the meal had we be in SG, but now that we are high up on the mountains, coupled with our strong currency, we decided 'go big or go home'. Fresh from the tank, the staff brought it right to our table and let us choose how we would like the lobster to be done - we opted for Chili and Lemon & Garlic Butter. The wait for the dish felt like an eternity, probably because we just endured a 6 hours journey up with an empty stomach. The Lemon & Garlic Lobster came first, with the crustacean bearing a light crunch and easily separated from the shell. It was clear that the lobster was fresh, from the sweetness and oceanic flavours it was giving off, with the flavours further amplified by the accompanying garlic sauce 💯 ⁣⁣