Didn’t realise it while ordering but $9.80 for one small lava cake is expensive! The good thing about this is that Beans & Cream serves really good lava cake. It was made fresh. One pierce into the soft lava cake resulted in warm chocolate lava unapologetically spilling forth. The warm lava is super chocolatey and thick, and makes for such a decadent and indulgent treat. The contrast between the warm chocolate lava and cool ice cream is simply heavenly. We paired the lava cake with a premium flavour Biscotti (+$0.80). The biscotti flavour was the sweetest flavour we had for the day (out of Dark Chocolate and Mao Shan Wang), but personally I felt it matched the lava cake well although my dad felt it was too sweet. I liked the generous amounts of crisp biscuits inside, but I would try a different flavour the next time I visit.

This cake probably one of the best lava oozes I have ever seen, but that still wouldn’t justify the hefty price tag at this casual ice cream parlour. Go for the waffles and ice cream for a more budget-friendly option.

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