Tucked away on the second floor of Tanjong Pagar Plaza, this homely little Thai dessert café decked out in wood and Thai-themed ornaments is a lovely spot to relax with a sweet treat. It serves a wide variety of sweets like the classic Mango Sticky Rice ($6.00), but it is the unique gems like the Jasmine Jelly ($4.50) that you should really try. This humble-looking jelly sits atop shaved ice, and other condiments such as red ruby and tapioca pearls, providing a chewy bite against the soft, yielding jelly. For a light tea-time snack, go for their steamed bread served with a variety of dips, such as the Steamed Bread with Durian dip ($5) — the potent flavour of the fruit is carried by a creamy, smooth spread that really is quite irresistible.