Chanced upon 90 Minutes while scrolling through Burpple Beyond deals & was intrigued by their Korean Hotpot concept.

At $23.90++ per pax, you get a choice of soup base, and unlimited servings of soft drinks (which comes by the tumbler) as well as a variety of cooked & uncooked ingredients. Cooked items includes items such as tofu oden (which is really rare), mandu (Korean dumplings), fried seaweed wrapped Korean glass noodles-just to name a few. We went with 90 mins The Best combination, which is a mixture of their homemade, gungjung & volcano sauce; giving you that spicy kick with every spoonful.

For the hotpot ingredients, you've got your usual suspects of vegetables, shrooms, ramyeon, glass noodles and meats (chicken & pork). There will be a staff present to assist with the picking of items & there is a wastage fee of $5 per 100g.

Once your meal is done & you're down to a lil' bit of soup, you also get a portion of rice, seaweed, corn & kimchi which is fried on the spot with the remaining soup; kinda like a kimchi fried rice.

This satisfying meal was available as 1 for 1 for the month of Jun & Jul, so quickly redeem it if you're on beyond. Otherwise, the usual deals of 30% off your tots bill is still available.

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