My hunt for food brought me to Beauty World Food Centre this time. I remember coming here all the time when I was younger. All the memories of attending my dreaded tuition classes there. Let me just take a deep sigh of relief that I no longer attend any tuition.

I pre researched on what to get at the food centre. With the intention of buying a variety of dishes to share with my boyfriend. And Hambaobao was at the top of my list, having never tried it before.

We actually brought dishes from 5 different stalls and the damage was $17.70. Stay tune for the reviews of the other stalls!


We arrived at hambaobao at 630pm on a gloomy Wednesday. There was a queue already formed with two people in front of me. My boyfriend wanted to order the classic beef but I convinced him to try the crispy pork belly first instead. As I handed the lady $5.00, in exchange she gave me a key with the number 13 and told me it would be a 20 minute wait.

Written on the chalkboard menu, their options available are:
•The Classic Beef
•Dat Dory Fish
•Crispy Pork Belly
•Spiced Pull Pork
•Ayam Buah Kelluak (I want this next!)
•Add ons: Fairy fries/Extra cheese or bacon

(Really wanted to try more but I wanted a variety of different foods that day. So I'll definitely be back hambaobao!)

Back at the table at 635pm and at 655pm, the lady hollered out my number.
Served on a metal tray and brown dabao paper, it's a really different vibe especially when the stall sits in an old school hawker centre.

I would say it's kind of hard to actually pick it up and chomp down on it like a regular burger. Instead, we deconstructed the burger and ate the elements separately. (Don't kill us)

The burger consists of the bun which they toast up on the pan, which explains the crispy insides and the soft top. 4 thick slabs of pork belly, topped off with hoi sin sauce, english mustard and 3 slices of Japanese cucumber.

They were so generous with the pork belly, that my boyfriend and I got two slabs ( I really mean slabs) of pork belly each. The pork was really nice and tender, a bit chewy at certain parts. The fat melts in your mouth and the thick crispy skin is so crunchy, you could hear the crunch a table away.

In my opinion, the Hoi Sin sauce compliments the pork belly really well. But I would leave out the overpowering English mustard. Alike wasabi, the mustard shoots up your nose leaving you with a scrunched up nose and closed eyes. Me and spicy things don't really mesh well together, so I ended up scrapping off the English mustard. My boyfriend on the other hand enjoyed the mustard and Hoi Sin combination, to each his own.

Overall, it is a really unique burger and quite worth the $5. I didn't manage to try the fairy fries as CARBS. But I will definitely be back to try their other burgers.

Would I order this again?
Yes! Without the English mustard though...

Beauty world Food Centre
Level 4