Pretty astounded by the pace of how the favourite place has been introducing new items of the late. While they had recently only introduced both sweet and savoury galettes into their selection of bakes that are proudly displayed in their display shelf alongside their loaf cakes at their East Coast location, we had noticed the offering of various tarts on certain days as well which includes a Classic Pecan Tart, a Dark Chocolate Tart and the Lime Meringue Tart as well.

Sour desserts, and especially tarts, do pique our interest a little more so we found ourselves ordering the Lime Meringue Tart when we saw it being available during our recent visit there. For those who have been to Brawn & Brains Coffee at their Guillemard Road location a number of years ago, one could recall that there was a short period of time where they did offer a Lemon Tart and a Chocolate Tart as part of their pastry offerings — these are completely different from those we have had back then. Interestingly, Brawn & Brains Coffee has taken a different approach with the meringue in the Lime Meringue Tart here — rather than to have the meringue in its whipped form and torched like what most other places would do, the meringue here is actually baked and placed atop the lime curd. This gives the Lime Meringue Tart a texture unlike others — it provides that soft, crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth texture almost akin to that of the sugar icing on gem biscuits , but less the sweetness; provides a bit of a neutral note against the tart lime curd that refreshes the taste buds. Despite all the wet elements sitting above it, the tart base was on-point; well-executed enough to support whatever that is above it without being all wet and soggy, yet also maintaining a texture that is easy to cut through without being cookie-like or crumbling into a mess. Pretty much something I am making a mental note to get the next time I am here again.

It’s always a surprise whenever I hit the favourite place and a new pastry is being spotted at the counter — really liked how they have been consistent in whatever that they have served up over the years and the Lime Meringue Tart is yet another testament to that; a well-executed tart where they try to be a little different, yet keeping an eye on the necessary details that goes into making a good one. With all that effort and passion in their craft, I am definitely looking forward to seeing what other new items they may be coming up with — something which they seem to be doing a lot of in recent times!