4⭐ Maruhachi has opened the 8th store at Bedok since it first open at Punggol in Nov 2020. I read about the long queue when it opened in Punggol and was relieved that there's no queue when we went to the Bedok outlet on it's first day of opening.
I ordered the cheese menchi katsu set and WB ordered the pork katsu curry. The portion is similar to the restaurant but price is almost half of what the tonkatsu restaurants are charging. However it's considered pricey compared to the food sold at other stalls in coffeeshop and it's not something you will eat everyday from a coffeeshop.
The tonkatsu are freshly fried upon order hence a waiting time of at least 10min and served on the metal rack to prevent it from getting soggy. The panko batter is different from those tonkatsu we had from the restaurant which is more crispy. The rice served is not ordinary rice but japanese rice. The miso soup has few slices of fishcake and kelp, I'm able to differentiate the quality of their miso soup from the normal coffeeshop miso soup. The cabbage served was sliced finely and fresh. Overall the food at Maruhachi are of quality considering it's from a coffeeshop.
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