From Jiakpalang Eating House — not to be misread as chapalang it's actually 吃饱人 translated from Hokkien; most probably means "eat full person"? Nonetheless, they serve up rice bowls and salads during lunch hours here, while serving only cakes and coffee past lunch till evening.

Went straight for this because of the unusual pairing with Chinese pear while also comes with plumped raisins, vegetables alongside the brown rice mix. Overall a pretty decent rice bowl; briny beef brisket that was rather tender though a little gamey, a savoury mix of grains and soft greens to crunch on; the addition of the crunchy cubes of pear was strange yet fitting at the same time, providing a hint of sweetness alongside the raisins to cut the heavy flavours of the entire bowl. The poached egg was a little overdone however; didn't really flow. Generally a rather wholesome rice bowl that fits the working crowd, though definitely could be a bit more refined if one were to be a little picky about the overall quality.