took my first bite at the australian wagyu ($9.90 per serving) and i was so amazed at how fresh it was! wagyu was juicy w the right amount of saltiness that leaves you craving for MORE.
tried the garlic pork and marinated chicken and they did not disappoint too! the meat was fresh and nicely seasoned w the right amount of fats that doesn’t make it feel greasy.
up next was the foie gras ($5.90)! didn’t want to cook it first as i was scared the oil from the foie gras would overpower any other meat i was gng to cook next. WOAH! the foie gras was rly rly good! we chose to cook our foie gras till it was brownish and buttery 🤤🤤
rly wished the stall owners had more of these babies! as it was near their closing time, we were met w disappointment when the stalls owner said they were sold out for the day!

after my meal, i proceeded to ask my friend for the price of the meal and was so shocked!!! everything costed only $30?!?! OMG?!?! SUPER WORTH IT?!?!
we ordered: wagyu, foie gras, cheese dip, 4 servings of meat, 1 serving of golden mushroom, 1 serving of cheese tofu, 1 serving of fishball w roe and maggie mee.

OH YES! one more thing, cheese dip only consist of mozzarella cheese (not fake nacho). just shows how much the stall focuses on quality! 💯

will i be back? YES! definitely worth it!

pro tip: only cook the foie gras after trying some of the meat. unless, you are an ultimate foodie and just love the taste of foie gras over everything.