[Halal | Tasting, Part II] I have to say - it's hard not to adore this cake based solely on looks. It's well-put together, it's admittedly adorable, but it's not gaudy at all. For those fond of unicorns, this may be the thing that turns their dreams into reality.

I should have gotten a picture of a cross-section too so that you can see the layers of rainbow sponge cake that is encapsulated within the unicorn which is made using a generous amount of the trusty, malleable fondant. It is actually quite a pretty sight! Gorgeous exterior, equally gorgeous interior - this thing is the antithesis of the saying "out of the frying pan into the fire". ✨

Yet, in spite of how it is predominantly fondant, I do have trouble appreciating this, and the cause of that can be attributed to one thing - the evidence of butter in its taste. It is unctuous, leaving a slightly unpleasant greasy sensation on the roof of my mouth with every bite. That's a no-go, but for me at least because I do understand there are some who are fans of that. πŸ˜… There's also this sharp, artificial, fruity, if not lemony, taste to it. Not that it was unpleasant in any way though.

So if you want to surprise that friend of yours who professes to loving anything unicorn, surprise them with this and there's a good chance they'll be like the visible light that is shot into a triangular prism and then disperses a rainbow – they'll beam. 🌈 (7/10)

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