Visited Meadesmoore few nights back to celebrate 520 (Chinese Valentines) with my partner.

For the appetizer, we indulged in the Kuju Kushima oyster mornay, beautifully presented on a bed of ice. The freshness of the oysters was impeccably balanced, offering a subtle saltiness that was not overpowering. The combination of cheese and spinach complemented the oysters perfectly, adding a unique, tangy twist.

For the main course, we selected the Meadesmoore house cuts, which featured a trio of exquisite meats: juicy ribeye, ribeye cap, and tender undercut. This dish provided a perfect blend of textures, further elevated by the two accompanying sauces. Each sauce offered a distinct flavor, ensuring that alternating between them kept the experience exciting and prevented any flavor fatigue from the generous portion of beef.

Just when we thought the meal couldn't get any better, we moved on to dessert. Their specialty tiramisu was a revelation, leaving both our minds and taste buds thoroughly impressed. The dark rum, used to perfection, harmonized with the cream and chocolate, creating an unforgettable dessert experience.

The ambience at Meadesmoore was sophisticated, with dim lighting enhancing the elegant atmosphere. The service staff were extremely attentive and friendly, contributing to an overall exceptional dining experience.

I would highly recommend!