A no-frills steamboat buffet, this place offers only (1) wagyu beef and (2) pork.

Alongside you get ONE egg, and an assortment of vegetables. This was good enough for me! The beef came in varying fattiness; my first order was thin with minimal marbling, whereas my second order of beef was thicker with beautiful streaks lining it. Photographed was my first tray!

You get to pick the soup of your choice, and I got sukiyaki. The soup was sweet without bring overpowering, and complemented the meat and vegetables well.

The cooked food available (fried pork cutlet, which was bland) disappeared as quickly as it came. They also have a pot of Japanese curry and soup available. I love the curry! It was thick and creamy (pictured behind the egg).

Total was $38 for 2 people on Fave. It was worth the price considering the quality of meat! 🙂 please do make a booking in advance as they advised me to reserve in the future before walk-ins. They may choose to turn you down.

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