📍Ninja Chirashi @ Block 824 Tampines Street 81

Ambience: 8/10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍
Flavor: 9/10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍
Service: 8/10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍
Overall: 25/30 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍

For a second time, I have returned to Ninja Chirashi at Block 824 Tampines Street 81, which is located conveniently across Temasek Polytechnic – approximately 5-minute walk from their Main Gate and 12-minute walk from Tampines West MRT Station.

I have previously done a review of Ninja Chirashi’s Truffle Chirashi on 7 Jul 22, and because the eatery left such an impression on me, I have decided to return a second time to try out their other offerings. If you have yet to see my previous review on Ninja Chirashi, be sure to check it out by scrolling through my Instagram page or my Blogger!

This time, I ordered (1) 3-Way Salmon Don – which includes a mixture of Aburi Salmon, Sashimi Slices, and Ikura to top it off. I also went with a different choice of set meal for this visit, opting for a (2) Pitan Tofu Set with Refillable Hot Tea.

The set meal totalled up to a price of S$20.90, which was a tad pricier than the Truffle Chirashi variant I had previously. By itself, the 3-Way Salmon Don was S$15.90, and the inclusion of the set meal came in at an additional cost of S$5.00.

This visit at Ninja Chirashi had made me fell in love more with the eatery because the consistency of their flavours is no doubt top tier. The Sliced Salmon tasted as fresh as I remembered – if not better, and the inclusion of the Aburi Salmon and Ikura simply gave me so many more variations of flavours to mix-and-match the perfect spoonful of the Don. Speaking of which, the best scoop would be a quarter spoonful of their rice together with a cut of Aburi Salmon, Pitan Tofu, and Ikura. The combination of the subtle sweetness of the Ikura, creamy pungent flavour of the Pitan Tofu, and the savoury Mentaiko Aburi Salmon, will unquestionably give you an explosion of dynamic flavours in your mouth. Even on its own, each individual component paired with the rice will leave you wanting for more. Without the shadow of a doubt, the 3-Way Salmon Don is a clear winner when compared to the Truffle Chirashi.

For that, I give Singapore’s Ninja Chirashi a 9/10 for flavour.

The eatery continued to be manned by one staff, with no signs for further increment of staff. Nevertheless, because I visited during off-peak hours, the staff was visibly more attentive as compared to my prior visit. The eatery was also still playing old j-pop music that I was oh-so-familiar with, which really met the expectations that I had prior the visit.

For that, I give Singapore’s Ninja Chirashi an 8/10 for Service and 8/10 for Ambience.

Overall, Ninja Chirashi at Block 824 Tampines Street 81 scored a solid 25/30 after combining the scores for Flavour, Service, and Ambience. To conclude, this eatery is truly one which I hold in high regards. I would highly recommend the place if you are looking for a chill environment that serves well-priced, yet quality Don with fantastic sides that have consistent flavours and qualities in all your visits.

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