Nakhon is easily one of the most recognisable Thai restaurants in Singapore. They sell unpretentious Thai food that is cheap and good.
Their Thai green milk tea [$3] is extremely fragrant and pleasant to drink. If you wish to have a milk tea there, do choose this over the red milk tea [$3] which is more common and can be found in many places elsewhere. Starting off, the Pad Thai [$10] was very nice, with the noodles having a good chew while maintaining flavour in every single bite. The many prawns in it were also well cooked like that of a zichar place. Following, Fish Maw Soup [$10] was thick and flavoursome, almost as if it’s Shark Fin Soup. But a much more ethical bowl for the sharks and for your wallet. It’s definitely worth a try.

Their Lemon Fried Chicken [$10] may need some more work though. It was a little bit drier than the last time when I ate at the Hougang Nakhon branch. But this is to be expected as different Nakhon branches tweak the recipes accordingly to suit the neighbourhood’s taste.
Digressing, perhaps if you’re not into spicy food, you could be more interested in visiting the Holland V branch as their food taste more mild. Perhaps it’s because there’s more foreigners there so as to suit their tastes?

Nevertheless, Nakhon never fails to disappoint. If one wants a good Thai fix, this is the place to go. Do note that they only take cash so do be careful to have enough cash on hand before going there.

Tldr: Nakhon good. Green > Red milk tea. Fish Maw is great. Lemon crispy chicken ok only. Bill is not harsh on wallet, and no GST. Cash only. -Foodier✌🏻