Been wanting to cross the borders to have a go at Faculty of Caffeine for the longest time. It's a very cozy hideout located at Jalan Trus, opposite Galleria Mall ans a few blocks away from the area where all the well-known cafés are.

These were pretty incredible, if I do say so myself. The Truffle Fries embodied a nice crisp whilst incarcerating a fiefdom of fluffiness. The texture remained as such from the first fries to the last, even when I took my time finishing the Aglio Olio. The truffle oil needs to be more evenly distributed though. I could hardly detect anything when I was close to finishing it.

And the Aglio Olio with Beef Bacon? It was so fragrant, so light in texture and flavours, and tinged with a little sweetness; hands down the best one that I've had. However, I do feel that the onsen egg wasn't the best choice of an addition here. The coagulated whites was rather offbeat. It would've been fine with only the yolk being in liquid form. Hence, I believe a regular poached egg would've been best suited for this dish.

Still though, my experience here was nothing short of great! I'm already thinking about planning a second visit to this place.