Located on the first floor of Century Square, Chicken Up serves Korean fried chicken and superb bar snacks, and is great for a casual meal with friends. Aside from their finger-licking good YangNyum Chicken Wings ($12 for four), what you should really be coming for are the Bulgogi Fries ($12). Buried below the nest of golden fries are tender, bite-sized soy marinated beef, ready to be mopped up by the nicely browned frites. To seal the deal, the heaping pile is then topped with a generous amount of mayonnaise and onions. Feeling thirsty? Order a Watermelon Soju ($38) โ€” an enormous halved watermelon filled to the brim with watermelon juice and soju โ€” to share. Daebak!
Photo by Burppler Elaine Koh