Juicy and tender steamed pork ribs in black bean sauce were pretty good and taste above average. The prawns in har gow were good but the skin was on the thicker side which could be better if it is half the thickness. Steamed rice roll with shrimp came with a good amount of tasty soya sauce but the rice rolls were thicker than the usual. The custard bun was good with smooth and runny custard flowing in the bun.

The dim sum is reasonably priced but don’t expect outstanding HK-style dim sum or even decent service. I was assigned to a table with dishes not cleared and prompted to proceed to make my order first. The staff at the counter kept taking orders while no one bothers to clean the table despite numerous requests and it was left like this till our order arrives 20mins later. The beverage was also not served beforehand and I had to ask again when the food is served. I had to cancel some orders where they did not arrive when I’m done with the food and beverage served. This seems like a severe lack of manpower and I hope they get this fixed soon ☹️

Pork Ribs 》$4.20
Har Gow 》$4.50
Steamed Rice Roll with Shrimp 》$4.2
Custard Bun 》$4.20

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