Doughnut Shack is one of those hype food places that sure has its fans and critics. I belong to the latter category. While the price for bombolonis is fairly affordable, it’s nothing but hype. Before going into the details, I gotta say that each and every dough contains enough oil to fill an oil tanker. Some of the fillings are good but you can’t expect me to like anything else if the exterior is just so greasy.

Most of us who shared the doughnuts enjoyed the nutty pistachio cream doughnuts. I personally enjoyed the peanut butter and jelly filling with the generous amount of peanut butter and the sweet, fruity strawberry jam.

The others that I tried were either too sweet or not memorable. I didn’t get to try all the flavours that’s shown here.

A box of 2 is $6. If you want a box of 6, that will be $16.90. And a box of 20 is $56.

I’m not sure if people are still queuing hours for it. I hope not.