[Burnt Ends]
Burnt Ends Sanger ($21.40)
This signature pulled pork sandwich is made with 12h slow cooked pulled pork shoulder, chipotle aioli, coleslaw and pickled jalapenos.

Firstly, I'm really glad takeaway did not make the bun soggy at all. I definitely wouldn't mind even stronger butter fragrance for the bun. Appreciate the generous amount of pulled pork, and the decent portion size - pretty substantial I'd say. Although slightly dry at certain parts w/o the sauce, there's pretty much a decent balance of flavours with their Chipotle Aioli sauce, pulled pork, cabbage and onion.

This would suffice as a worth to try once burger, but I'd still want to dine-in and try their grilled meat.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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